Limousine Tallahassee Pricing Policies Keep Your Rates Low!

You'll be glad to know that you will get a "customized quote" when you call us with your particular limousine needs. We use several different variables - all to lower your rate - when determining how much your rental will be. Instead of leaving that a mystery for now, we'll tell you a bit about what goes into our flexible pricing. First, we are not able to publish pricing here, because of our endless search for the best rates. Instead of a fixed flat rate pricing, based on the highest possible profits, Limousine Tallahassee has a team of analysts who are always working on assessing our costs, and adjusting prices accordingly in order to give the best rental price for you. Instead of maximizing what goes into our pocket when our costs go down, we are happy to share the savings with you! Now, what are some factors which might determine a cost reduction? Primarily demand. As the demand for our services increases, our operational costs also increase. Because we are supporting a bigger staff, paying for more vehicle maintenance and upkeep and working hard to have the quickest turnaround. So, if you're looking to save some money and are flexible on your date, you should definitely ask our reps when a good time to book a run for savings would be. They'll do their best to advise you!

Now, for best results in getting an accurate quote... please provide our booking agents with as much information as possible. Let us know what date you are planning for, what times you are considering, what kind of event you have and where your initial pickup location will be from.

We will do our best to give you the industry-low rate, as we always have done and will continue to do. Once you book with us, you can rest assured that there will be no sudden increases in price or hidden fees. In light of that information, it is almost always better to book as early as possible as you'll often save a good chunk of change on your limousine rental!

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