Limousine Tallahassee Wedding Guide

Wedding Venues

One of the first stages of planning a wedding is searching for the right venues that meet your vision of the wedding of your dreams. It is also an incredibly detail laden stage as it is a monumentally crucial aspect of your wedding. Before you start searching for a venue, you ought to have a date set for when you want to get married, and a rough count of how many people you would like to invite. It may seem like a mountain of a challenge, but rest your weary mind, because the Tallahassee area is a fantastic region for wedding venues. Here are some steps to help you on the path to finding the perfect venues for your wedding.

Having a style in mind for wedding may help narrow your field down a bit, but you should try to adapt your style to the conditions at hand, in other words, if your budget cannot afford the Sistine Chapel, you should not force an over-the-top elegant style into a one room country church. Once you have a loose idea of a style, you should begin your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues. You should ask those in particular who have been married or have recently been involved in a wedding in some fashion. It also helps to go online, and search through wedding directories, as these websites provide resourceful information to users on vendors specializing in weddings including pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, etc.! It is always wise to book venues that specialize in weddings because they will be most capable of providing your guests with comfort and accessibility. Once you have a good list of about ten or fifteen venues, you should call them up, and ask if the location is available on the date of your wedding, and if is, if any other weddings will be held on the same day. Only go forward with the venues that are not particularly busy, or are at least available.

The next step is to interview each venue coordinator, and be prepared to ask a lot of questions and share your vision of the wedding. You will want to ask about logistics. The coordinator should be organized, honest, courteous, friendly, and communicative. Besides the condition and cost of the venue itself, the aspect that might sell you on a particular location is in fact the venue coordinator. If you do not mesh with this person, if you do not foresee yourself trusting them implicitly with the delicate details of your wedding, then you need to consider a different candidate. At the end of each interview, you should obtain a sample invoice from the candidates. This will make it easier to compare costs between locations, and see which one is going to be the best fit for your budget.

It is advisable during your search for a venue to have a refundable check with you so you can reserve a venue that really interests you without running the chance of someone booking it over you. Even if you are still not decided completely on a particular venue, you may find out later in your search that it is in fact the right venue for your wedding. It is always better to be safe than sorry! Once you are ready to make your final decision, write up a contract that outlines every single detail, and sign it with the venue coordinator. Once this stage is handled, you can finally start picturing your floral arrangements and d├ęcor that will fill the space! Have fun!