Limousine Tallahassee Wedding Guide

Wedding DJs

The crux of any successful wedding reception is, of course, the entertainment that gets the wedding goers hopping, bopping, and most importantly, engaged in the event! If you are planning a wedding, it is crucial to spend time considering your entertainment selection for the night. The typical options wedding couples on a budget have are between the always venerable disc-jockey and a live wedding band. Both options come with own specific strengths and weaknesses, and they both share strengths and weaknesses. Live bands can produce an atmosphere or ambiance that disc-jockeys will most likely struggle reproducing if you ask them to, they just simply are not capable of producing it, and would be unfair to expect that. This is why live bands are often more expensive than disc-jockeys. There are some good perks to hiring a disc-jockey, one, it is incredibly budget conscious, two, they are easy to coordinate, and last but best, they offer customers a very close to unlimited digital music archive. If you are looking to hire a disc-jockey for whatever reason, you are in luck, because Tallahassee is chocked full of amazing professional wedding disc-jockeys. We have some useful tips that will make your search for the right disc-jockey that much easier.

First, begin your search with the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues, specifically, anyone who has been recently married, or has been involved in a wedding to some degree. It is also worth it to ask your venue coordinator for their recommendations, you may be surprised to find out that they have a preferred or exclusive list of vendors to choose from. Next, you should cross reference those recommendations with online wedding directories. These websites are great sources of information on vendors that specialize in weddings, including details on pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, and more! It is important to focus on candidates that are professional wedding specialists, they should come with a full repertoire of experience and customer satisfaction. These candidates are much better at distracting guests during delays or issues, and are just better in tuned with the flow of traditional weddings. You should call any candidates that make your list, and see if they are available on the day of your wedding. Schedule appointments with only the available candidates, or if you are going through a production company, ask them for a different associate with plenty of experience and acclaim.

During your interviews you will want to ask each candidate a slew of questions. You should start off with something along the lines of, what drove them to become a DJ? They should be passionate about music, but more passionate about producing a special experience for their clientele. Ask them about their play list policies, if they entertain song requests from guests, and how much control over the master play list you have. Most professional disc-jockeys are incredibly flexible, the internet and modern disc-jockey technology affords them incredible flexibility, so if they are stiff in this regard, do not consider them. You should also ask about their equipment, and their knowledge of it. They should be able to adapt their equipment to any technical issues that may arise at the venue. You should also ask them if they would be willing to visit the reception venue with you, and scope out the location. The key things in deciding a candidate, besides cost, are their personality and their experience. If something is lacking, do not consider them! The last thing you will want to cover before the end of the interview process is the cost of the services. Ask for a sample invoice from each candidate so you can compare each disc-jockey with one another. You want to get the most out of your money's worth.

Once you have the right disc-jockey in mind, sign a written contract with the candidate, and place a deposit if necessary. Your head should immediately stop spinning in regards to selecting the best entertainment, because you've done your due diligence in the search for this entertainment. Let your disc-jockey handle the rest, because they will most likely have you twisting and shouting to the catchy jams they play at your dream wedding! Remember to stay hydrated!