Limousine Tallahassee Wedding Guide

Wedding Bartenders

When it comes time for everyone to travel from your ceremony to your reception, there will be a lot of anticipation from you and from your guests. Usually everyone is looking forward to some good food, drink and entertainment. In order for everything to go right in the alcohol department, you will want to make sure that you hire a professional bartender that truly knows how to take care of your guests. But this is probably the type of hire that you have never had to consider before. So you will probably need a little bit of help with this one. There are no doubt some absolutely amazing bartenders in the Tallahassee area. And while you are considering each candidate keep in mind that anyone can push a drink in a direction. You should be looking for a great personality and someone who will treat your guests with respect. They also need to have your guests welfare in mind. A quality bartender knows when someone has had one too many and will know how to handle such a situation. So, there are some definite qualifications that you want to be on the lookout for start interviewing potential mobile bartenders. Before you hire anyone to be your reception bartender, make sure that they satisfy you with how they answer the following questions.

As with most things in life, you just can't beat experience. A person may have memorized how to mix 100 drinks, but if they have never dealt with actual people and understand all of the nuances of working with customers, then that knowledge won't matter very much. We recommend that they have at least a solid year of bartending experience and we don't mean being behind the bar at Buffalo Wild Wings. You want them to have experience working private parties. But you also want them to know how to mix a certain number of drinks. So, give them a test by throwing out some basic drink names and having them mix them right in front of you. Are they state licensed? Make sure of this because your venue will not allow an unlicensed bartender to serve alcohol.

What kind of setup do they use? What would they do if a huge line starts to form waiting to place drink orders? Are they willing to create a signature drink that you really have your heart set on? Let them know your budget and ask them how you can possibly save money if you need to. What do they usually wear when they work a reception? What would they do if they notice that one of your guests is drinking too much and now coming back for more. How have they handled this in the past. Remember, safety should be number one. Is their a backup plan if they get into a car accident on the way to your reception? Can they provide a list of drinks that they normally mix at a wedding? Decide if this looks sufficient or maybe that you want to cut it down if it will cost you less.

You can't go wrong with professionalism, talent and personality. One last thing. We recommend that you look for a bartender that will charge you a flat rate and then work for gratuities. This will keep them motivated the entire night to please your guests and to do the best job possible. If one of the bartenders that you interview gives satisfactory answers to most if not all of these questions, it is time to hire your very own mobile bartender.