Limousine Tallahassee Wedding Guide

Wedding Bands

On the night of your wedding you want to be able to pat yourself on the back as you look on, watching your guests twist and shout on the dance floor to the wonderful music billowing fancifully from the speakers of the entertainment you so carefully considered while you were planning the event. None of this would be possible if it was not for your diligence. You knew how important it was to book the right form of entertainment for the wedding of your dreams. You had to choose between the always venerable disc-jockey and the traditional live wedding band, and it was no easy choice, but you made the best one based off of your vision, you budget, and all the information you gathered while you were researching the entertainment. Both options come with their share of pros and cons, and one option might have qualities that address the weaknesses of the other option. For instance, while a disc-jockey comes with a nearly limitless digital archive of music, they are not necessarily capable of producing the specific atmosphere that a live band can produce. It all depends on what you can afford. Let's say you went with a live band. You will find that Tallahassee has a wide swath of great professional live wedding bands to choose from. If you follow some of our helpful tips below, the process will become quite smoother for you.

First, start your search off with the recommendations of your friends, family, and trusted colleagues, in particular, anyone that has been recently married, or has been involved in a wedding to some extent. It is also worth asking the recommendations of the coordinator of the venue you have booked for your reception. Certain venues may actually have a preferred or exclusive list of vendors in which they suggest or require you to gather your selections from, so be sure to inquire with your venue coordinator. You should also consult online wedding websites as they are excellent sources of information on all sorts of vendors including pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, pictures, videos, etc. These websites will help you hone in on professional bands that specialize in weddings.

Now that you have a handful of candidates in mind, start calling them up, and ask them of their availability. Schedule interviews with the bands that are available for the date. If you are dealing with a booking agent at first, you will want to obtain the personal contact information of the band leader, and make sure you will be meeting with the band leader on the day of your appointment with the band. You will want to become personally acquainted with the band leader, a certain level of trust and comfort needs to be there before you make your final decision.

You will want to ask the candidates plenty of questions. How many years of experience do they have doing wedding performances, and on average, how many weddings do they perform for a year? What is the condition of their equipment, and how adaptable are they with it in case of any technical issues that may arise at the venue on the night of the wedding. You should ask about their emergency backup plans. Ask them how they handle the crowd and song requests. The last thing you will want to inquire about is the cost of the performance. Ask for a sample invoice from each candidate so you can do a side-by-side comparison. You want your dollar to work for you! Once you are decided on a candidate, write up a contract, and place a deposit. The rest of the balance will be paid on the day of your wedding as a gesture that you think they are doing a good job, if they have been. Leave all the worries about jams to your wedding band, because they will brink the funk, now can you dig that?